How to book ?

Give us a Call or E-mail and we will work to get your charter scheduled.

What if I have to cancel?

Hey sometimes life happens we understand. Just do your best to give us as much notice as you can so we have the opportunity reschedule you and book someone else in your place.

What can I expect?

Black water diving can be very intimidating for the uninitiated if you are confident in the water the challenges are often quickly overcome. You can expect 1-2 foot of visibility on the bottom depending greatly on your dive light. I admit it is very dark and unsettling at first yet once you get to the bottom,  see what it looks like, and get your breathing  under control. I have found it to be one of the most enjoyable types of diving there is ... with amazing rewards.

What do I need to Bring?

We will need to see your Certification card or equivalent so that is where we'll start, next your dive gear to include a BCD and 4 to 6lbs of extra weight, thermal protection appropriate to the water temperature, a Good dive light is also a must, and a bag to hold the fossils in is very helpful.

Subpay Charters Co. carries a robust save a dive kit aboard all of their boats with that being said it is paramount that your equipment be in top working order.


What else do I need to Bring?

Nothing as we provide drinks (bottled water, various sodas) and light snacks for both the 1/2 day and Eco Tours. For the full day trips we will have have fresh deli sandwiches aboard in addition to the snacks and drinks.(Please understand that if you or a member of your party has a food allergy or dietary restriction it is your responsibility to make this known when booking) Additionally if you desire and adult beverage for the boat ride back bring it along just understand that if you start drinking alcohol you are done diving for the day.


What if I need to rent equipment?

If you don't yet own your dive equipment or are traveling without it there is no reason to worry we have you covered. Our unique partnership with Divers Den Georgia ensures that rental equipment is available for you. If you just need to rent tanks that is no issue, aluminum 80's are available for $10.00 air or $15.00 for 32% nitrox each..  With notice we can have them loaded aboard the boat so you don't have to!

Where does the boat leave from?

Most of our trips leave from the downtown St Marys Ga Boat ramp. there is ample public parking however if your charter coincides with one of the many festivals held annually downtown we may start your charter from one of the several other ramps available.

What is there for non-divers to do?

Relax topside and drink in the breathtaking scenery all the while enjoying abundant wildlife, or maybe a relax and read a book on the 22' Bay boat Subpay all the while Jimmy Buffett is playing in the background is more your speed . Either way I can think of worse ways to while away a day.

What amenities are available in the area?

As St Mary's and Kingsland are along the I-95 corridor the route 40 exit (GA exit#3) has most everything you could want 10+ hotel/motels in all price ranges and all of the usual fast food establishments. If that is not your style there are vacation home rentals, breath taking Bed and Breakfasts in historic St Mary's with all of the local charm you could want. Locally owned restaurants provide Italian and Greek inspired cuisine but if your tastes run to Surf and Turf we have that also!

Do you offer multi-day, multi-river packages?

The answer is Yes and not yet. Multi-day packages are available and will have you diving in a variety of unique dive sites and is hands down is the best way to experience what the St Mary's river has to offer. We are currently researching other local rivers not to see if they have fossils we know they do but finding the sites that have the best opportunity and are free of dangerous obstructions is a labor intensive operation. We should be able open up at least one new river this season.