1/2 Day Fossil Dive

The half day fossil trip is $225.00 for one person or $150.00 each for two to three divers.


Full Day Fossil Dive

Our full day Customized Fossil Hunts are $425.00 for one person or 500.00 for the maximum of two people. The additional gear required to make this a four tank day makes the boat too crowded for more divers to be enjoyable.


Eco Tour

Our Eco tours are $250.00 for up to four people minimum of three. They typically consist of a 3-4hr tour of the Coastal marsh ecosystem, the shoreline of Cumberland Island and Fort Clinch. Light snacks, soda and water are provided, if you desire to partake in an adult beverage feel free to bring your own.


Bubble Watchers

If you are on vacation to the area you might have someone who doesn't dive but wants to come along for the day. No problem we can accommodate. The rate for a non-diving passenger is half that of a diver provided they are not taking a divers spot.

Custom Charter

As a customized charter is just that customized, we can and have done just about anything and everything you can come up with. We have taken workers to and from remote islands, we have recorded side-scan sonar of areas in search of lost settlements,  taken camping equipment to and from islands for people to spend weeks at a time. and have even worked with other companies to recover fouled anchors or lost equipment. Contact us and we will provide you with a quote for exactly what you are looking for.