6hr Fossil Dive

Limited to 3 people This is our bread and butter charter it consists of one dive at two sites,  in 20-30ft of water. Most divers have on average 60-90 minutes of bottom time with each dive.


Full Day Fossil Dive

This is for the hardcore fossil hound Divers!!! this package is limited to two divers. 3-4 tanks with 3 or more dive sites and the day is yours to get as much bottom time on the fossil beds as you safely can.


Eco tours

Coastal Georgia boasts of the most pristine barrier island chains and coastal marshes in the United States. This incredible Eco-system is both diverse and thriving. The bird watching opportunities alone are hard to beat on the edge of the eastern flyway the spring and fall migrations are exceptional. The late summer, and fall colors of the Roseate Spoonbill rival any flamingo, Cumberland Island and the wild horses thought to have originated from first Spanish explorers are frequently spotted at low tide enjoying fresh marsh grasses. Eagles, Osprey, and Dolphins are ever present.  All of this combined or any one activity can make for an unforgettable day and a lifetime of memories. Space is limited to 3-4 people.


Custom Packages

Subpay Charter Co. is here to make your weekend getaway or family vacation a special one. If you can think of an ideal way to spend a day on the inshore waters of Georgia that is not specifically offered contact us and we will gladly customize a package just for you. This can include anything from taking gear to and from barrier islands, to taking kayaks and their crews to remote spots saving many hours of paddling and possibly dangerous open sound crossings.

what you can expect.

Subpay Charter Co. will coordinate with you within a few days of your trip to finalize the details and setup a meeting time and place. We strive to make your experience as carefree and enjoyable as possible. If you or your party have any special requirements or requests, dietary or otherwise that is a perfect time to remind the person calling so the important details don't fall through the cracks.

Adventure awaits!

Feeling up to the challenge of black water diving with a chance to find the tooth of a lifetime or just want to enjoy the local flora and fauna with a laid back trip up and down the historic waterways. It does not matter we have you covered.